NANOMED aims to promote studies, researches, documentation and scientific debate, with specific reference to interdisciplinary researches, in the field of Innovative Therapies (Drug Delivery & Targeting) and biomedical and pharmaceutical Nanotechnologies.
The main fields of study and research of the Center are:

  •     the characterization, analysis, preclinical evaluation of the bioavailability and effects of active pharmaceutical compounds with potential application in the field of nanomedicine and drug delivery & targeting;
  •     changes in the chemical structure of compounds of pharmaceutical interest, in order to improve their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in the body;
  •     pre-formulation and formulation studies of new delivery and targeting systems;
  •     studying the effects of carrier-mediated active compounds with diagnostic and theranostic value, in the various fields of preventive medicine and therapy;
  •     formulation development and evaluation of drug delivery systems in established models of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, to investigate their therapeutic, restorative and/or neuroprotective potential;
  •     formulation and pre-industrial development of drug delivery systems in established models of ophthalmic pathologies, to investigate their therapeutic and clinical potential;
  •     evaluation in in vitro, ex-vivo and in vivo experimental models, including bioinformatics and computational models, of the biological and pharmacological activities of bioactive substances;
  •     applications of metabolomics using spectroscopic and analytical techniques to the research in the field;
  •     critical analysis of the scientific literature in the field of nanomedicine and nanotechnologies for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications;
  •     contributing, through the dialogue with relevant bodies, to the regulatory update in the biomedical and pharmaceutical nanotechnology sector.
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