Chiara ZAGNI

Assistant Professor of Organic chemistry [CHIM/06]


Organic Synthesis; Drugs, Catalysts, CO2, Cryogels, Polymers

I have a master’s degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies and a Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Science. Since my thesis period, I have been working on the design and multi-step synthesis of potential anticancer and antiviral drugs in the organic chemistry laboratory of the University of Catania. Also fascinated by the biological world, I spent two years as postdoc fellow in the laboratory of cellular biology of the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, USA) trying to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the development and progression of cancer. However, my strong passion for organic chemistry and for the Italian food made me move back to Catania where I continued my research in the organic synthesis field. After I joined the Institute of Polymer and Biocomposite Compounds of CNR, I started my research on the preparation of new polymeric materials to be used as antimicrobial or for environments purpose such as water purification and CO2 absorption. Currently, I am a researcher at the University of Catania where I continue to work in the synthetic field by studying new catalysts capable of absorbing CO2 and converting it into organic compounds and new polymeric materials able to adsorb CO2..

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  • Design, docking, repurposing and synthesis of biologically active compounds (e.g. antiviral, anticancer and antibacterial drugs).
  • Synthesis of sponge-like polymeric materials for drug delivery.
  • Synthesis of polymeric materials capable of absorbing CO2, for environmental purpose.
  • Synthesis of catalyst for CO2 conversion to organic compounds.
  • Synthesis of hydro and cryogels as polymeric materials for water purification.