Course Overview

Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences, a three year degree course, is structured with the first year in common, while at the second year it is possible to choose two curricula: "herbalnutraceutical” or "environmental food toxicology".
The course program includes basic knowledge (biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics, mathematics) and botanical, pharmacognostic, pharmacological, pharmaceutical and toxicological chemistry, cosmetic, and skills in analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry and environmental legislation, necessary to form professionals who can operate in the herbalnutraceutical sector and food and environmental toxicology to protect the health and safety of the individual.

The graduated will be able to perform the following activities:

  • recognition of officinal plants, transformation, analysis of the content in active ingredients, quality control of herbal products and nutraceuticals according to quality system certification standards;
  • preparation of formulation, packaging, marketing and control of officinal plants and their derivatives;
  • chemical, chemical-toxicological and toxicological control of the environment and food;
  • to plan prevention and educational interventions for the health of the population in relation to the toxicological aspects deriving from the chemical and biological pollution of the environment and food.
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