Academic Year 2016/2017 - 1° Year
Teaching Staff: Antonio GRASSI
Credit Value: 8
Scientific field: CHIM/03 - General and inorganic chemistry
Taught classes: 49 hours
Term / Semester:

Learning Objectives

To deal with the fundamental aspects of General and Inorganic Chemistry in order to facilitate the understanding of issues developed in other Courses.

Detailed Course Content

1.Units of measurement and basic concepts.

2. Atomic structure and the periodic table of the elements.

3. Nomenclature and stoichiometry.

4. The chemical bond.

5. The gaseous state.

6. The liquid and condensed matter.

7. The chemical equilibrium.

8. Ionic equilibria in aqueous solution.

9. Inorganic Chemistry.

Textbook Information

General and Inorganic Chemistry

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  2. Fusi et al., -Chimica Generale ed Inorganica - Idelson-Gnocchi
  3. Petrucci et al., -Chimica Generale- Piccin
  4. Speranza et al. -Chimica Generale ed Inorganica- Edi-Ermes
  5. M. Schiavello, L. Palmisano - Fondamenti di Chimica - EdiSES
  6. J.C. Kotz et al. - Chimica - EdiSES
  7. P.W. Atkins, L. Jones - Chimica Generale - Zanichelli
  8. R. Chang - Fondamenti di Chimica Generale - Mc Graw Hill
  9. Nivaldo J. Tro - Chimica – EdiSES

Inorganic Chemistry

  1. D.H. Bandinelli - Chimica Inorganica – Piccin
  2. I. Bertini,C. Luchinat, F. Mani - Chimica Inorganica - Ambrosiana, (distribuzioneZanichelli)


  1. P. M. Lausarot, G.A. Vaglio - Stechiometria per la Chimica Generale- Piccin
  2. P. Giannoccaro, S. Doronzo -Elementi di Stechiometria- Edises