Course Overview

The Single Cycle Master's Degree program in Pharmacy belongs to the LM-13 class and aims to train a graduate able of carrying out professional activities in the pharmacy and industrial pharmacy sector.

The Master's Degree Program in Pharmacy aims to provide its graduates with a solid basic preparation and advanced scientific preparation in the health field aimed at training a drug expert and its use for therapeutic purposes able of constituting a fundamental element of connection between patient, doctor and public health facilities. Therefore, this course is supported by Professors belonging to different disciplinary areas that reflect the skills necessary for the training of the professional figure of the Pharmacist as an expert on drugs and health products.

The course is a prearranged number and includes an admission test of a level equivalent to that of the other training courses of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, both class L29 and LM13 single-cycle. General notions of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology are required.

Course attendance is mandatory. Absences are allowed for no more than 30% of the total lesson hours assessed in all their forms of completion.
Students can request partial dispensation from the requirement to attend lectures for serious and justified reasons of work or health.

The Master's Degree Program in Pharmacy provides for a period of not less than six months full-time, professional training carried out at a pharmacy open to the public or hospital under the supervision of the professional association belonging to the pharmacy and / or service pharmaceutical of the ASL competent for the territory.

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