Carmelo PUGLIA

Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical and technological applications of chemistry [CHIM/09]

Prof. CARMELO PUGLIA is Associate Professor at the Department of Drug Science, University of Catania. He is teacher of Pharmaceutical Technology, Socioeconomics and Regulations (A-L and M-Z) for the undergraduate course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology (CTF) of the Department of Drug Sciences. He is also Director of the School of Specialization in Hospital Pharmacy and Coordinator of the II level Master's Degree "Management in Farmacia Clinica Oncologica" at the University of Catania. Prof. Puglia is the author and co-author of more than 100 scientific publications and about 50 conference communications (oral and poster).

The research themes carried out by Prof.Puglia covers the following topics: Formulation and characterization of lipid matrix micro and nanoparticle systems and optimization for drug delivery for different routes of administration (oral, systemic, pulmonary, topical and ophthalmic); Evaluation and extraction of natural active ingredients from vegetable matrices for application in cosmetic and nutraceutical fields

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