Course Overview

The objective of the five-year degree course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology is provide students with the scientific and methodological bases to operate in the field of Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy, as an expert in drug and health-care products.

The degree study plan is designed in order to provide high correlations between basic educational courses, characterizing courses and associated courses that allow graduates to reach the expected multidisciplinary knowledge. Qualifying training activities for this purpose come, in particular, from elective courses in the following fields: pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology, biology, biochemistry, pharmacology and biotechnology.

Graduates in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology possess the know-how for the preparation and the study of new active pharmaceutical ingredients, for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs, and for the formulation and control of pharmaceutical forms.

The course has a restricted access with an entrance exam equivalent to those of the other degree courses of the Department of Drug Sciences. Basic knowledges of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology are requested for the entrance exam. Attendance at the courses is compulsory; absences for no more than 30% are allowed. During the five-year course, students have to perform a full-time professional internship of at least 6 months in a public or hospital pharmacy, under the supervision of a pharmacist, in compliance with the European Directives.

Graduates are allowed to take the state exam for the Pharmacy profession and the state exam to entry in Section A of the professional register of Chemists (DPR n. 328, 05/06/2001). Graduates have also access to higher level education courses such as PhD research programs, Specialization schools and 2nd level Master courses.

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