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  • Heme Oxygenase Modulation Drives Ferroptosis in TNBC Cells.
          Consoli V, Sorrenti V, Pittalà V, Greish K, D'Amico AG, Romeo G, Intagliata S, Salerno L, Vanella L.
          Int J Mol Sci. 2022 May 20;23(10):5709. doi: 10.3390/ijms23105709. PMID: 35628518


  • Beneficial Effects of Standardized Extracts from Wastes of Red Oranges and Olive Leaves.
           Burò I, Consoli V, Castellano A, Vanella L, Sorrenti V.
           Antioxidants. July 2022. DOI: 10.3390/antiox11081496


  • A Systematic Review on the Effect of Nutraceuticals on Antidepressant-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions: From Basic Principles to Clinical Applications.
    C. Concerto, A. Rodolico, V. Meo, D. Chiappetta, M. Bonelli, L. Mineo, G. Saitta, S. Stuto, M.S. Signorelli, A. Petralia, G. Lanza, E. Aguglia.                                                                                                Curr. Issues Mol. Biol. 2022, 44, 3335–3350;


  • Advances on Natural Abietane, Labdane and ClerodaneDiterpenes as Anti-Cancer Agents: Sources and Mechanisms of Action.
          Acquaviva, R.; Malfa, G.A.; Loizzo, M.R.; Xiao, J.; Bianchi, S; Tundis, R.
          Molecules 2022, 27, 4791.
  • Phytocomplex of a Standardized Extract from Red Orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck) against Photoaging
    Tomasello B., Malfa G.A., Acquaviva R., La Mantia A., Di Giacomo C. 
    Cells 2022, 11, 1447.
  • Orobanche crenata Forssk. extract affects human breast cancer cell MCF-7 survival and viral replication
    Genovese C., Garozzo A., D’Angeli F., Malfa G.A., Bellia F., Tomasello B., Nicolosi D., Malaguarnera R., Ronsisvalle S., Guadagni F., Acquaviva R.
    Cells 2022, 11, 1696.

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